Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Women's Day!

Happy Women's day! This International Women's day, The Women of Worth have put together a package called "Emerge" through which we hope to help women see how special they really are.

On the 8th of March, WOW is at All People's Church, Bangalore. We will have updates on the events shortly.

If you'd like WOW to do a similar package at your organisation, company or church, please do get in touch with us.


Crescentia Kalpana David said...

hey this is a gr8 initiative .. u guys shld post more :)

Sean said...

Breakthrough - an organization that seeks to address issues affecting women through communication and media technology has initiated a campaign to raise awareness on domestic violence and other issues. Please encourage all your women friends (and men too!) and especially the poets and the writers to vist the site and post their views and get involved. The site is

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