Friday, April 20, 2012

Girls Are Precious!

By Kavitha Emmanuel | Director, WOW

I was in my 7th month of pregnancy when I went for one of my ultra-sound scans. I had by then started to feel the distinct movements of my baby. I was getting used to the kicks, the turns and twirls inside. But now, for the first time I could clearly see my baby’s tiny arms, feet and curled up little body all cuddled comfortably inside. The feeling – indescribable!
Pink or Blue?

The doctor examined me and told me that all was well with the baby. What a relief! Soon after that she turned towards me and handed me a form that I had to sign and she said: “I am not going to tell you what the sex of the baby is. So don’t even try asking me”. To be frank, I was offended by that statement. How dare she talk to me like that? Did I look like the kind that would abort my child if it were a girl? I was so upset …all I could say to her as I signed that form was, “No, thank you. I don’t want to know the sex of my baby. I am happy to know that my baby is well’.

As I walked out of there I noticed a signboard that was outside her door which read: ’Finding the sex of the child is a crime punishable by law.’ I walked away with mixed feelings – upset that someone even had to tell ME that sex determination was against the law and sad because there is the need for such a law. I was however happy that I had found a safe place to have my baby, where the doctors abide by the law against sex determination.
Girls are a blessing too!

It was not just this incident that is stuck in my mind. I remember people finding it weird when I told them that I wanted a girl. Well meaning friends wished that it was a boy. To some I defiantly said: “I know it’s a girl!” “Oh no, don’t wish for a girl…God will bless you with a boy” they said. And yes, God did bless me…with a beautiful and healthy girl baby! How can anyone dare to undermine the preciousness of little girls?! Let’s make this world a place where girls are loved and cherished as much as boys!

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