Monday, May 28, 2012

The Results Are In!

Announcing Mothers & Daughters Photo Contest Winner

We’re happy to announce the winner of The Mothers and Daughters Photography Contest held this month.

Congratulations to Christelda Jennifer for her beautiful photo titled “Mom and me”:



Christelda Jennifer, we're delighted to send you and your mom for a Lengendary Culinary experience at Moti Mahal Delux!

Thank you to all our participants who saw the value in the relationship between a mother and her daughters. You will recieve a Be The Change mug from WOW for your entry.



Based on data released by United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs, "India [is] deadliest place in the world for Girl Child. An Indian girl child aged 1 - 5 years is 75% more likely to die than an Indian boy, making this the worst gender differential in child mortality for any country in the world."

Female Foeticide, Sex-Selection Abortions, Female Infanticide can only be curbed when mothers, grandmothers, and the community of women see the beauty and blessing in their daughters.

We thank all those who participated in the Mothers and Daughters Photo Contest. Here are the entries. Enjoy! 

Gitu Sabu

Matthew John

Rehna Abdul Kareem

Sunita Ajoy

Sella Subramanian

Lavanya Subramanian

Merryn Fawssett

Lakshmi Vekatraman

Sriram Natrajhen

Zippora Madhukar

 To Mothers and Daughters!

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