Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas 2014 - Discover the JOY of being the change!

The heart and soul of Women of Worth is to believe in the dignity and worth of all individuals irrespective of caste, gender, economic status or skin colour. At WOW we always choose to celebrate the privilege of ‘being the change’. We can ALL do our part in making our world a meaningful and beautiful place for everyone. Dare to dream big dreams. Live simple lives. Make a difference wherever possible. Stand up for what’s right and do not hesitate to speak out for the rights of those who have no voice. Discover the joy of being the change this season! The WOW team wishes you all a very merry Christmas. May you begin the coming year 2015 with great expectations, filled with hope for a happier you and a better world around you!

WOW is a movement that seeks to help women be the best they can be by standing up for justice, equality and change in all facets of life and society in both local and global contexts. We help women celebrate who they are based on their innate value and unique potential; anticipate and give expression to the changes that are still needed for women and participate in social action that empowers women.

Our mission is to:
  • Enlighten women to recognize their innate value, worth and significance 
  • Encourage women to live up to their full potential 
  • Empower women by being a voice for equality, freedom and justice 
  • Equip women with skills and values to live the change they want to see

Become a WOW Sponsor, and grab the chance to advertise to students, young adults and the general public through your logo/branding on our promotional materials like t-shirts, mugs and fridge magnets. Write to for details.

The Dark is Beautiful campaign addresses the toxic belief that a person's worth is measured by the colour of their skin.

The Girl Arise campaign seeks to raise the bar on women's safety through rehabilitation projects addressing the needs of girl children exposed to abuse and neglect.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and would like to send* you the following gifts.

A Mug (when you give Rs. 2000/- and above)

A Mug & Christmas Card (when you give Rs.3000/- and above)

*Please note: These gifts are currently available only in India

To Give From Within India:
Cheques to be drawn in favour* of PROVIDE or please contact us for bank transfer details

To give from outside of India:
Please write to us at for details

 *WOW is a program unit of PROVIDE

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